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Who: Lida.
Where: His bedroom, staff canteen.
When: Around 11 am.
Open to: Staff.

The large amount of new patients that had been introduced to the hospital did not interest Tatsuya in the slightest.
His shift didn't start until later on tonight, after all, so for him, several hours were to be spent doing something productive. Of course, Tatsuya had planned his initial meetings with the patients in advance. All the introductory meetings were always the same anyway, and judging by the sorts of patients they had in this time, most of them would take a while before they got comfortable enough to speak to him.

So now, he had four hours to waste, which was a delight to the black haired man, as he took out the small bottle from his bedside table, that was only really intended for patients.
Tatsuya's pupils dilated even before the drug was even in his system, a sense of excitement rushing over him as he took out one of the small tablets, studying it as if he'd never seen it before, which wasn't true at all.
One of the reasons why Tatsuya stayed here for so long was because their drugs were so easily accessible, and when questioned, he'd just simply say that the patients were getting out of hand, and needed more morphine.

A sense of delight fell through his body when the morphine began to take place.
Soon enough his limbs had lost that heavy feeling, and by the time Tatsuya had found himself in the staff dining room, he was cheerfully clasping his hands together, and shooting crooked smiles in all directions.
He didn't even realise that he was eating. But apparently, porridge was for breakfast

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