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Greystone, a mental health hospital. [J-rock RPG]

Who: Toshiya Where: Lounge When: 3pm Open to: Everyone It was…

Greystone, a mental health hospital. [J-rock RPG]

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Who: Toshiya
Where: Lounge
When: 3pm
Open to: Everyone
It was humid. Humid, too unpleasant, and anything he could make up that would make Toshiya give himself another reason to hate this place. Oh yes, and then there were the patients. The patients that he absolutely did -not- feel anything friendly for. Maybe it were troubles in adapting to his new environment, but it felt like he couldn't associate with anyone because they were all complete lunatics. He groaned audibly when someone actually came running by, screaming, as if to underline his thoughts. Why was he put here anyway?
Toshiya was toying with an abacus. Such a useless item but interesting enough to kill time with. How long was he going to stay here anyway? But all the while he did with the slightest bit of hope observe the other patients, hoping that maybe, maybe, there was someone like him out there, someone whom he could at least relate to. After all, he was alone here just like everybody else.

  • Kyo licked over his front teeth, feeling the crooked solid texture with curiosity.
    "God doesn't have to be high up. He doesn't have to be an invisible almighty being, that's about eighteen feet tall. He might just be here, amongst us. Just because I don't believe in this religion," he patted the Bible on his lap almost affectionatelly. "Doesn't mean that I disbelief in religion altogether."

    Dark brown eyes wandered carefully to a clock on the wall, and Kyo nodded at it almost sternly.
    "I need to exercise," he said and set the Bible aside as he stood. He'd take it with him of course, because he didn't want anyone seeing his notes until they were finished.
    "Just because we're here doesn't mean we can let ourselves go," he shuddered at the thought of a pudgy belly, and stroked his own through the cloth of his pyjama top out of habit. "I'll see you again here. They might even put us in some group sessions together."
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