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dear_doctor's Journal

Greystone, a mental health hospital. [J-rock RPG]
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Welcome to Greystone Hospital.

Greystone is a private mental health institution first introduced thirty years ago by the world famous Dr. Willis, of England, and Dr. Satou, of Japan.

At the dawn of the new century, a university professor and well respected veteran doctor of Japan had decided, after viewing a variety of mental health institutions all over America and Europe, that Japan was missing an influential hospital that would treat the patients with respect and care despite their status.
Dr. Tatsuya Satou took it upon himself, with the influence and advice from his friend Dr. Matthew Willis, to bring a Western-influenced mental health institute to Japan, in the form of Greystone Hospital.

Both men and their teams of advisers worked with extreme enthusiasm, and after five years of recruiting the best doctors and nurses all over Japan, and building a hospital most appropriate, Greystone was created.
Doctors and medical professionals around Japan and Europe, as well as relatives of particularly difficult individuals with mental health problems were delighted by the modern hospital, and claimed it would be a huge success, and would help Japan progress in the medical world.

In the beginning, Dr. Satou chose for Greystone to be a place only for the insane males, but after ten years of successful treatments, the hospital was extended, and female patients as well as criminally insane patients were welcomed into Greystone Hospital.
All were pleased with the success and fair treatments of Greystone. Not only were the staff skilled in their respective fields, the patients were treated with full respect and tenderness. There were very few failed cases, and after fifteen years as the head doctor, Dr. Satou retired happily, and died a peaceful death of old age a year later.

Unfortunately for Dr. Satou, his son did not wish to run the hospital. The young Satou sold the mental health home to the government, which decided to keep it private, but the head doctor assigned didn't quite have the same ideas as Dr. Satou.
Instead, this man was more concerned about money, and within five years, the treatments at the hospital became less successful. In order to save money on medicine and too many psychiatric, new 'experimental' drugs and devices were used. The majority of the old staff were either forced to retire, or left due to their wages being slashed practically in two, and the new set of nurses and doctors didn't quite have the same respect for the patients.

The hospital was quickly transformed from a promising and pleasant environment to having a negative reputation.
There are still, however, the doctors and nurses who wish to do good, and rehabilitate the patients. Very few of the original inmates remain now, whether that be to death, or rehabilitation prior to Dr. Satou's death.

The new doctors do not let patients go that easily. As a private hospital, after all, the money has very quickly become more important to them than the lives of the patients.

The current year is 1930.